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By Edmund Harris on Apr 14, 2021

By george estes on Apr 14, 2021

I had been having problems with the functioning of my Heat Pump and the setting of my Thermostat. After a couple of service calls failed to remedy my problem, an SMO supervisor agreed to visit and check out my problem. Hello CHARLIE SENS! I do not have the relevant words to describe my satisfaction with this SMO representative. I found him to be unbelievably knowledgeable and efficient. I was so impressed with his service and I can unhesitatingly say that I have never encountered one like him. He reflects the highest quality of service and I would be pleased if SMO officially passed my accolades to him. And as for me, Thank You, Charlie. - G. Estes

By Dudley Dudley on Apr 14, 2021

Excellent and Reliable

By Mary Kreh on Apr 13, 2021

I had called for a fillup of my oil tank on Friday and was told that it would be delivered by Monday. Lo and behold, the delivery truck was there early Saturday morning. Very quick service.

By Cissy Chaney on Apr 09, 2021

They’ve always been very nice and helpful when we’ve called, and flexible with scheduling appointments. Of all the things I have to remember, taking care of the heating system and managing oil delivery is very low drag. SMO takes care of remembering for me.

By Marsha Lee on Apr 08, 2021

My most recent service was my auto fill oil delivery. I also have annual preventive maintenance tuneups on my furnace and air conditioning and a flushing of my water heater. This comes with keeping service agreements on my systems. I recommend SMO on two social media sites Facebook and a group called Charles County Matters (CCM) for Charles County Residents when someone asks for a recommendation.

By Skyler LaBuff on Apr 06, 2021

Alfredo was an excellent technician and taught me a lot about my homes' hot water boiler system during our annual maintenance with the SMO protection plan. I've never owned a home with this system before and he walked me through step by step explaining the purpose and potential issues with each component of the system as he walked me through the preventative measures he was taking. I asked for all the details and he treated me as if he was speaking it all aloud to an apprentice for the first time. Thank you Fredo!

By Rev. Kenn Blanchard on Apr 05, 2021

furnace oil delivery

By Cynthia Harvey-Pryor on Apr 02, 2021

Mr. Ketterman was very professional and informative about the work he performed and performance of my system. He's a guy who obviously takes pride in his work, along with a great disposition. He is an A+ tech. SMO has a great representative.

By Tim Castle on Apr 02, 2021

We called SMO wit two problems which were the smell of propane around the kitchen stove and no heat. While talking to the rep on the phone they had us turn off the propane at the tank which then was discovered that one tank was at 10% gas level and the other tank was already closed and it was at 80% full. The Service Tech (Keith K.) arrived shortly after and troubleshot the problems. After not finding and possible leak problems he placed the full tank back into service and after another leak check and found none he performed an operational check on both the stove and furnace which started. He explained explained the problems and why we could smell the propane and why we didn’t have any heat and could switch over to the heat pump. We are very please with the service!!

By Shelia Miller on Apr 02, 2021

By G. Taylor on Apr 01, 2021

By Brenda Stovall on Apr 01, 2021

Supplies oil, to my resident.

By Christine Hayden on Mar 31, 2021

By Christine Jennifer on Mar 31, 2021

Our family of 5 has been without hot water for 9 days. One tiny part that should have been in their warehouse was ordered, delayed, etc. One manager (BJ I believe) said, “sorry about your luck.” A lady laughed at our situation on the phone and said we could do our likely covid-filled laundry in cold water after a long shift in DC fire/ems. We cannot wash our hands, bathe our 3 young children, do dishes or laundry without boiling water on the stove. We were told it’s not an emergency and they had to fix heat problems first (it’s 70 degrees outside mind you). Let me now quote their website. “Hot water is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity.” The part is there. We called and called and called and were promised to have it fixed today. We offered to pay for overtime to get it fixed. Not. Even. A. Phone. Call. And no one showed up. I am livid at the lies, the mockery, two days taken off of work to be here, money spent doing laundry at the laundromat, feeling dirty, and no one showed up or even called, and still no hot water. We cannot wait to get this part in so we can switch to a better company.

By Judy Atkins on Mar 29, 2021

Want to send positive feedback! Alfredo was wonderful. Took his time and explained to me what he did and what I need to monitor. Had my furnace, heat pump and hot water serviced today.

By Nancy Moyer on Mar 26, 2021

Karon L. Serviced our heater, AC and water heater. He was very professional and did a great job.

By Connie L. Cosgrove on Mar 23, 2021

We have been with SMO since 1977 and have excellent service. I am set up with auto delivery and it takes all the worry out of running out of fuel. I also have a service contract and SMO keeps my system in good running condition

By Cynthia Barton Wroble on Mar 22, 2021

have always had a good experience with smo keep up the good work

By a t on Mar 18, 2021

We rent a property out in Solomons and had no idea of the cost it would be to fill a fuel tank each winter for heat. Little did we know that one of the reasons we were running out of fuel so quickly was because of a leak. The last time we refueled, $600 worth of fuel was gone in two days. That isn't SMO's fault of course and their response to the leak was quick after our landlord let them know what happened. They delivered a temporary 55 gallon drum of fuel that quickly ran out. When we called to see if it was possible to have another small drum delivered of refilled, they informed us that it was their policy to only provide one temporary tank. We have three small children in our home and it is still quite chilly in March. I am a little disappointed in this policy. So, because of this policy and the wait time it is apparently taking for SMO and our landlord to replace the tank, we are out of fuel and have to source of heat minus a few space heaters and some blankets. Bundle up if you ever have a temporary tank with SMO, they wont deliver another.